Imaam Bin Baaz on Two Important Books

Shaykh Bin Baaz [d. 1420 AH], may Allah have mercy on him, said:

…The scholars used to teach the people “The Conditions of the Prayer” with the “Three Fundamental Principles.” They used to teach them to the congregations in the Masaajid. They taught these books so they would understand the foundations of their religion (i.e. creed), and so that they would understand how to pray, [along with] its pillars and its obligatory matters. This is because every Muslim is in need of knowing the previously mentioned affairs. (1)

Benefit: The Importance of These Two Books: “The Three Fundamental Principles” and “The Conditions of the Prayer, Its Pillars, and Its Obligatory Matters.” Both of these books are by Shaykh Muhammad Bin ‘Abdul-Wahhaab [d. 1206 AH].

Translated by: Abu Adam Jameel Finch


(1): See “An Explanation of the Conditions of Prayer, Its Pillars, and Its Obligatory Matters,” by ‘Abdul-Azeez Bin Baaz, pg. 62.