Talk: Marriage from A to Z

Topics for Marriage from A to Z 

  1. The Ruling on Marriage.
  2. Traits of a Good Woman.
  3. Proposals.
  4. Impermissible Contracts.
  5. Women who can not be Married.
  6. Examining Contracts.
  7. The Dowry.
  8. Spousal Interaction (i.e. Living Together).
  9. Fairness between Wives.
  10. Etiquettes of Intimacy.
  11. Etiquettes of the Waleemah (Wedding Feast).
  12. A Child that Does not Resemble the Father.


Congregating for The Five Daily Prayers

The meaning of the Quran states:

When you are among them, and you lead them in prayer (i.e. the prayer of fear), a group of them are commanded to stand with you. [4:102]‬

Shaykh Mansoor al-Buhootee [d. 1051 AH], may Allah have mercy on him, said:

Allah commanded that congregation be performed in a state of fear, so it is more deserving to be performed if there is no fear. (1)


(1) See “Notes on ar-Rawdh”, 2/257.